Saturday, 30 July 2016

CGIC - 2016 - NYOW

"As a new member of the Orchestra, I joined without knowing any of the current members or tutors. From the start of the course I found everyone to be friendly and welcoming, and the tutors to be excellent. The evening activities have been great fun, ranging from the 'Nash Olympics' to the Fancy Dress Night; both with a competitive edge. The music has provided an enjoyable challenge and the standard is improving by the day. All in all the course has been a fantastic experience both socially and musically, with much more still to come."
Joseph Morgan (Trumpet)

"After 4 years doing Nash courses, it's hard to believe that I am on my final course. Sectional are now finished and Huw Jenkins has done a great job - as always. After some of the noises he was exposed to on Monday, it's always a surprise how far myself and the section develop over only a matter of days. I missed Carlo's previous course and have quickly worked out why he was such a favourite and am enjoying full rehearsals thoroughly. I'm very much looking forward to the tour, especially St Davids Cathedral, a venue I love playing at, and ending in Cardiff is always great. Overall I am sad to be leaving the Nash after this year and trying to appreciate all aspects this year."
Jack Sewter (Horn)

"NYOW is always a highlight of the year, and this course hasn't disappointed. Sectionals have been brilliant as always and the Orchestra is sounding great. As soon as Carlo arrived you could feel the energy increase, which was amazing to play with. While percussion don't have lots to play at times, the music itself definitely makes up for it and listening to the Orchestra makes me excited about the coming concerts."
Omri Tau (Percussion)

"Coming on this course as a Euphonium player from a brass band I have had very little chance to play in orchestras. It's been enlightening so far to be playing in a different sound world to what I am used to playing in and learning to play in a very different way to what euphoniums traditionally do.
The Tutors have made the course a great laugh whilst still being a great working environment in which I am constantly learning. The atmosphere is amazing in and out of rehearsals and the music has been great to listen to and participate in.
To add to this we then got to work with Carlo Rizzi. From the first beat to the last chord of 'Ein Heldenleben' playing under someone as creative and musically intelligent as Carlo creates a great buzz.
It's very rare to get Euphoniums in for orchestral works but it has proved so far to be something that has been one of my best musical experiences to date."
Gareth Trott (Tenor Tuba)

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