Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Gwen James reflects on another successful NYOW Residency

I think that it’s safe to say that everyone had a brilliant time on the NYOW tour 2015. The atmosphere was electric through the whole course as everybody took part and threw themselves into every challenge that came before them. 

The music-making this year was phenomenal. Given the opportunity to work on pieces such as The Rite of Spring under Paul Daniel’s baton was something that will stay with me for ever. The reaction from the audience at each venue was incredible, especially at St David’s Hall where almost every audience member stood on their feet applauding us. As we can see from the reviews – the hard work paid off! Apart from St David’s Hall I really enjoyed the experience of playing to a sold-out audience at Hereford Cathedral, even if it wasn’t the easiest venue to perform at! 

However, music wasn’t the only side to the course. The social aspect was brilliant – we are “virtuosic celebrators” as Paul Daniel said, laughing with us one morning following the previous night’s antics. My favourite events that had been organised by the Welfare team must have been the Tutor’s Evening, the Twmpath and the Fancy Dress Competition where everyone got involved and had a great laugh, even if the dancing was atrocious by the majority of us!! 

All in all we had a brilliant course, with memories made that will stay with us for a long, long time! A massive thank you to everyone who made it happen!

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