Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Grace's 4 years of Fancy Dress Excellence!

Every day of the course, we have long and intensive rehearsals, but in the evenings we have a change to relax with friends while doing a variety of activities. The one I look forward to most every year is fancy dress. Over the past few years my group of friends have clubbed together and made giant cardboard costumes relating to the themes (which are based on one of the pieces we are playing that year). We use every free moment we have finding old discarded boxes to glue together, finding the right coloured paint, buying scissors (because after 6 years we still manage to forget to bring a pair to the residency every time…) and getting together the other bits and bobs we might need.

Here are a few of the ones we’ve done over the years which I am particularly proud of!

2010, ‘La Mer’. We decided to create a cardboard whale, and paint our legs blue to complete the whole look.

2011, ‘Feathers’. We made a feather bed, complete with fake bodies and holes for the head to look like there were people in it! Our costumes were just our pyjamas, making it the most comfy fancy dress party ever! I’m proud to say we also won this year’s competition!

2012, ‘An American in Paris’. We decided to go as French fries, so made a chip packet and used poster paint to make ourselves yellow (sadly, the colour wouldn’t come off in the shower so we stayed yellow-ish for a large portion of the course…). We also won this year too!

2013, ‘Byzantium’. The theme this year was a piece based on a poem, and one of the lines in the poem was ‘Hail the superhuman’, so naturally we decided to make a taxi filled with superheroes. (we were robbed of first place this year to great disappointment with the whole team).

This year’s theme is ‘La Peri’. Time to start planning the costume…

(Grace Buttler, Violin)

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